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Since a fence makes an outdoor sense like personal space, many homeowners discover that a fence installation is only step one in turning their backyard into a paradise. Outdoor additions, like a pavilion or a gazebo, not merely increase your home's value, but additionally turn the outdoor area right into a beautiful getaway spot, a place to relax on the weekends, and an all natural area for entertaining guests.ArborA garden arbor might be just about the most aesthetic additions to a recent deck or fence installation. Landscapers can install an arbor that leads your guests to a quiet, secluded spot in your garden. If vines or climbing plants are nearby, they'll eventually grow over the arbor. These could be built on a smaller scale and used as a straightforward entranceway, or built larger and used as a pergola. An arbor can be an effective way to greet guests and mark the entranceway to your house.PergolaA pergola is similar to an arbor, but much larger. Pergolas often function either as walkways or patio canopies, and are built with lattices at the top that always support hanging plants or vines. A pergola is an excellent addition to a yard that needs shade but lacks trees. cost to fence a yard can have many functions, such as adding walking space to a newly installed pool or providing an increased spot for outside dining. But decks may also expand the inside space of your house, creating room for a more substantial sitting or cooking area.Aluminum patio coverPatio covers are a fantastic addition to any home space, specifically for houses that are situated in climates with a lot of rainfall. Unlike wood, aluminum is not susceptible to termite or damage from insects. Aluminum is also much easier to clean, and requires hardly any maintenance after it is installed.Wood patio coversAlthough they are nearly as durable as their aluminum counterparts, wood patio covers are still a timely classic addition to any house, specifically for homeowners and gardeners who want to retain the natural turn to their yard. Wood is also much more affordable and simpler to work with than aluminum.